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NABET-CWA Local 51011

New York, NY

Phone: 212-757-3065

Fax: 212-246-7780

Website: http://www.nabetlocal11.org

NABET-CWA Local 51014

New Haven, CT

NABET-CWA Local 16/NABET-CWA Local 51016

New York, NY

Phone: 212-757-7191

Fax: 212-247-4356

Website: http://www.nabet16.org

NABET-CWA Local 51017

Hartford, CT

Phone: (cell) 860/944-2798

NABET-CWA Local 51018

Boston, MA

NABET-CWA Local 51021

Schenectady, NY

Website: http://www.nabet-cwa21.org/

NABET-CWA Local 51022

NABET-CWA Local 51024

Watertown-Massena, NY

Fax: (315) 779-8043

NABET-CWA Local 51025

P.O. Box 1033

Buffalo, NY

Website: http://www.nabet25.com

NABET-CWA Local 26/NABET-CWA Local 51026

Binghamton, NY

Fax: (and answering service) 617-777-9487

Website: http://nabet-cwa26.tripod.com/

NABET-CWA Local 51211

Syracuse, NY

Phone: 315/652-1703

Website: http://www.nabet211.org

NABET-CWA Local 52031

Lanham, MD

Phone: 301-459-4999

Fax: (301) 459-4975

Website: http://www.nabet31.org

NABET-CWA Local 52212

Wheeling, WV

NABET-CWA Local 41/NABET-CWA Local 54041

Chicago, IL

Phone: 312-372-4111

Fax: 312-372-4115

Website: http://nabet41.org

NABET Local 42/NABET-CWA Local 54042

Cleveland, OH

Phone: 216-351-2242

Fax: 216-251-2242

Website: http://www.nabet42.org

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