KABE, the Univision Owned Station in Bakersfield, CA Votes to Have NABET-CWA as Their Union

Friday October 19th the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) certified the results of the election. 11 employees in the Engineering/Master Control/Production group voted for the Union, with 2 employees voting no. The Clerical group consisting of 6 employees voted for NABET with 4 yes and 2 voting no. All 19 workers are now part of NABET-CWA Local 51.

"We are very happy that employees at Univision Bakersfield stood up with courage and conviction and said enough is enough, they are now going to have a voice in the workplace." Said Kevin Wilson, President of NABET-CWALocal 51 in San Francisco. Employees endured multiple "one on one" meetings with their managers trying to convince them to give management another chance. "The employer even tried a trick from the Chinese government and employees suddenly found that the NLRB web site that had been available for information was suddenly blocked a few days before the election." said Wilson.

Todd Thorpe, a Production employee since 1989 with the station said, "I had heard that Univision didn't like unions and the company certainly proved this to be a difficult process. But we all stuck together and watched each other's backs and kept at it. The Union's leadership told us exactly what to expect from the company and we were well prepared for all of their tactics."

Employees will now be electing their bargaining committee and formulating their proposals in the coming weeks to provide fairness and justice in the workplace.

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