Local 54 Members Ratify KGTV Contract

Local 54 members attending a ratification meeting today approved a new contract with Scripps-owned KGTV by the lowest margin in 30 years — only 60% gave a thumbs up. The agreement, which expires in 2015, provides job security, wage increases and includes a signing bonus.

Members who said they voted against the pact told Local 54 kgtvthat their concerns were not adequately addressed.

"As we enter our 60th year representing employees at KGTV, this agreement allows us to move forward, forge a partnership with Scripps and rebuild relationships at this station," Local 54 President Dennis Csillag said. "I am extremely proud of our Executive Board and members for maintaining solidarity while continuing to produce the best product possible."

"I want to thank (Scripps VP of Television) Brian Lawlor, who listened intently to our concerns and was honest and forthright in our discussions — and NABET-CWA President James Joyce and Staff Representative Bill Murray for their diligence and guidance," Csillag said. "We also owe a great debt to retired Staff Representative Don Jernigan, who took this journey with us."

"Although not perfect, I'm pleased to have an agreement that we can work with," Local 54 Vice President Robert Buchanan said. "McGraw-Hill challenged our membership and was met with a stone to the forehead. Local 54 lives on to reach new levels of success with Scripps. Our members should be applauded for their solidarity. Our story will be used to motivate other labor organizations to mobilize and fight for what's right."

Executive Board member John Suarez said the numbers tell a story. "The numbers show that there is much work to be done to make this relationship work. I'm counting on Brian Lawlor and Scripps to work with us on the remaining issues," Suarez said.

Local 54 plans a celebration for its members in mid-January.

California Labor Federation: KGTV Workers Defeat Union Busters, Ratify Contract With New Owner

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