Over the course of four months and multiple bargaining sessions, the Company’s negotiating team appears to hear our words, but responds largely with indifference to our message.
Due to the increasing number of COVID cases nationwide, the next round of NABET-CWA/ABC Master Agreement negotiations scheduled for January 2022 will have a change of venue.

Recent News

Bargaining for a successor contract to the ABC Master Agreement and the ABC-ESPN Sports Event Agreement began on October 22, 2021. The Network Negotiating Committee (NNC) has agreed to post both the Union’s and the Company’s original proposals.
The two training programs listed below are available at no cost to active NABET-CWA members in good standing.
As you have probably heard by now, UKG, the vendor that provides the Kronos Workforce time clock recording system to The Walt Disney Company, including ABC, was cyber-attacked last week, resulting in their system going completely off-line. UKG has told their customers that this outage might last several weeks. This means that ABC has to utilize other methods for calculating time worked and providing the correct payment of wages and penalties to you.
The new expiration date of the NBC Master Agreement is March 31, 2023. The parties have negotiated a two percent (2%) base pay wage increase.