Director/Editor (WNYT/WNYA, Production)

POSTING DATE: November 30, 2018      REVISED: November, 30 2018
JOB#: 23-18
JOB TITLE: Director/Editor           


STATUS: Full Time, Hourly

Previous experience directing live newscasts.  Possesses knowledge of transmission, broadcasting, switching, control and operations of television systems. Large switcher and DVE experience preferred. Linear and Non-Linear editing skills a plus. Some graphic design experience helpful.  Ability to work effectively in a high intensity, live environment with a number of people.  Proven leadership skills; prior supervisory experience preferred.  Multi-task with a variety of duties while running the show.  Must be flexible and able to deal with unexpected show changes calmly.  Able to make decisions and judgments quickly, often in a fast-paced, chaotic environment.  Follows protocol well yet offers suggestions as required.  Ability to work on short deadlines and in pressure situations.  Ability to make effective decisions in emergency situations.  Must be able to represent WNYT-TV/ WNYA and Hubbard Broadcasting, Inc. in a professional manner.


Position Summary:  This position directs and switches live and taped broadcasts including television news. Some editing of promotion and commercial production. 

Must have skill sets:

  1. Direct live and taped programming including newscasts, commercial production and station promotions.  Operates board.  Assumes responsibility of newscasts and other programs.
  2. Read, study and research scripts to determine how they should be directed.
  3. Confer and collaborate with managers, crew members, on air talent and producers to discuss details of production.
  4. Responsible for ensuring all aspects of the program are complete before the program begins.  Plan details such as framing, composition, camera movement, sound, for each shot or scene.
  5. Along with producer, establish pace of newscasts and sequences of segments according to time requirements and accessibility. Ensures program runs smoothly during live broadcasts. 
  6. Handles last minute and unexpected changes in a professional, poised manner during live broadcasts.  Be able to communicate calmly, quickly and clearly to all involved as needed. 
  7. Ability to relate and communicate with in a productive manner to a variety of people including on air talent, visitors, production crew, producers, creative services and management.
  8. Understands and can articulate station’s programming direction and philosophies.  
  9. Report to work on time and work established schedule/hours.
  10. Perform other production tasks as required.

Stand for extended period of time.  Ability to move quickly in tight spaces through out the building and on location.  Ability to communicate information and ideas in English both verbally and in writing so that others will understand.  Ability to listen and understand information and ideas presented through spoken and written words.   Ability to develop creative ways to solve a problem under strict timelines and in pressure situations.  Ability to read and understand information and ideas presented in writing.  Ability to tell if something is wrong or to anticipate if something may go wrong. Ability to come up with a number of ideas and suggestions about a topic.  Dexterity to manipulate computer keys and other controls in studios including cameras as well as other office equipment.  Vision to distinguish between controls on board and scripts; ability to see and comprehend what is on computer and television monitors and make work related decisions based on what is seen. 

Working Environment:

Works in professional, collaborative team environment with a number of members.  Works under pressure and in stressful situations while meeting deadlines.   May work outdoors that may include extreme weather conditions. 

Job# 23-18
Albany, NY
No Telephone Calls Please