Elizabeth Miller

Vice President

Current NABET-CWA Vice President (since 2014). Works in Broadcast Operations.

Liz started her TV career at WSBE, the Rhode Island PBS station, shooting and editing 16mm film. She then spent a few years at WJAR, a commercial station in Providence, RI as a broadcast technician. Liz came to WGBH in 1985, hired as a tape engineer. At that time, the station was airing most shows off of 2” videotape, so Liz worked alongside the master control operator, to put programs on the air. She moved on to doing PBS technical evaluations, as well as recording and playing back tape for local and national productions, mixing audio playback in the online edit suite, and working as a master control operator. She has been there through the transition from analog to digital to broadcast over IP. She is currently working in Broadcast Operations, combing master control duties with file management, overseeing 12 different programming streams.