The NABET-CWA Network Negotiating Committee (NNC) is preparing resources and reference materials in advance of the upcoming secret ballot ratification vote.
You can review the complete Tentative Agreement/contract offer, as well as a summary document prepared by the NNC.

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Weingarten Rights

If a supervisor or other management/Labor Relations/Employee Relations/ Human Resources/Security representative requests an investigatory meeting with you and if you have a reasonable cause to believe that such a meeting may result in disciplinary action, including a warning, you have the right to request Union
The ballots have been mailed out for ratification for the new Master Agreement and they must be returned by July 5, 2022.
A tentative agreement has been reached with ABC-Disney on a new contract to replace the Master Agreement which was set to expire on March 31, 2021.
Links to The Company's Comprehensive Package Proposal, The Union's Summary of ABC's Comprehensive Package Proposal, The Package of Primary Union Proposals (as of March 25, 2022)