CBS Buyouts and good-byes

As most of you have heard, CBS offered a buyout pkg for their employees if their age + years of service = 80 or higher. At KCNC-TV Denver, 11 people total took the buyout offer. 7 of those employees are Bargaining Unit Members. I'm happy to report that CBS is replacing those positions and creating new ones!

Stan Stiffler has been with the company for 39 years. He's survived the loss of video tape, audio operations, original TD job functions and, most recently, MCR Operations. Stan has been a long  time member of NABET Local 52 as well as a LEB Member. He will be missed. 

Stephanie Hudson has also worked with the company for close to 4 decades. She has seen so many changes thru the years and has reinvented herself with all the technology changes. She is a hybrid employee and was able to continue her career as an Operations Engineer as well as a Director. This type of versatility is hard to find and to replace. We will miss you.  

Jeff DeMott has worked in the Studio for nearly 4 decades. He's been one of the main camera operators at several remotes and NFL games throughout time.  Jeff has also been instrumental with all the lighting as well as re-builds of the studios. He has been a key player in training new hires and his expertise will be missed. 

The other members are photogs and an editor and between all 7 members, we will be losing hundreds of years of experience. Looking forward, CBS is replacing and adding new jobs and Local 52 Denver still stands tall. You can apply at