BULLETIN #3 - February 16, 2018

The second and third rounds of negotiations between NABET-CWA and NBC Universal have concluded.  The Union's primary goal – as reflected in our package of proposals - seeks enhanced benefits, improved economics and better working conditions for all staff and daily hire employees. In clear and unambiguous terms, the Union has impressed the importance of our proposals to the Company during numerous bargaining sessions in New York and Los Angeles over the past several weeks.

With an eye towards reaching a fair and reasonable successor contract, in a timely manner, the Union has laid out all economic proposals, including a proposal for a four-year agreement with wage increases in each year of the new contract.  Unfortunately, the Company chose not to respond to wage increases or the term of agreement until an undetermined time in March.  Since negotiations began on January 3rd, the Company has shown very little movement from its initial set of proposals.

Some items of note which would have a potentially damaging impact on our membership, and the quality of their lives:

  •  The Company has proposed changing the ‘travel-only’ pay for daily hires from the current hourly rate to a flat stipend amount which would not count as time worked for any purpose, including the calculation of overtime.
  • The Company’s proposal on short turnaround would collapse the corridor from 12 hours to 9 hours – a 25% decrease!!
  • For purposes of alternative, or out of seniority layoff, the Company proposes expanding the current permissible conditions of eliminating a department, operating area, or job function to include the “cancellation of a show”.
  • The Company is proposing a two-tier vacation system where newly hired staff employees would accrue considerably less vacation over the tenure of their employment.

The NABET-CWA Network Negotiating Committee met in caucus today and the parties are exploring additional dates to resume negotiations in March.

Bulletins and other official information concerning these negotiations will be distributed by the Sector and Locals as necessary.  

NABET-CWA Network Negotiating Committee