CWA ​District 9 Disaster Wildfire Relief ​2017 ​Fund

Dear Local Leaders,

I'm sure you have seen the video and photos of the devastation done by the wildfires in California.  Over 100,000 have been evacuated and 40,000 still are not able to return home. Entire communities have been wiped out. Families have lost everything only to be left with ash where their homes used to be. To compound the problem, there is a severe shortage of available temporary housing.

District 9 has set up a CWA Disaster Wildfire Relief 2017 fund to help CWA members impacted by the fires.  Every dollar donated to the CWA District 9 Disaster Wildfire Relief 2017 fund will go directly to assist CWA members in need of shelter, clothing, and household basics.

You can donate to the wildfire fund here:

Checks may be made out to the CWA District 9 Disaster Wildfire Relief 2017 and mailed to:
CWA Local 9404

Donations are not tax deductible.

The national CWA Disaster Relief Fund also will help our members hurt by the fires.

It will take years for CWA families to recover and rebuild their lives. Please help our brothers and sisters by making a contribution.

In Unity,

Christopher M. Shelton, CWA President