Local 16 Announces Scholarship Winners

May 30, 2017

To: NABET-CWA Local 16 Members

From: Brendan Black, Scholarship Committee Chairman

Re: Scholarship Winners

On May 30, 2017 a random drawing was held at the Local 16 office to award the Local 16 Scholarships for 2017. By order of the Local 16 Executive Board, (5) scholarships were awarded: Four (4) James P. Nolan Memorial Scholarships and One (1) Donald DiFranco Memorial Scholarship.

Twenty (20) valid applications were received. The names were drawn by James Nolan, Vice President, Richard Gelber, Secretary-Treasurer, and Barbara Lynch, Assistant to the Secretary-Treasurer. The results were recorded by Patty Hildebrandt, Administrative Secretary.

The four winners of the James P. Nolan Scholarships for 2017 are:

Jennifer Gianetti, daughter of Christopher Gianetti, ABC News Acquisition

Cian Kneeshaw, son of John Kneeshaw, Engineer/SMAG

Mackenzie Eisen, daughter of Charles Eisen, Audio Engineer

Graham Wright, son of Richard Wright, Audio Engineer

The winner of the Donald DiFranco Scholarship for 2017 is:

Michael Forsyth, son of Frank Forsyth, Camera Operator/GMA

Congratulations to all!