BULLETIN #16 - MAY 16, 2022

A tentative agreement has been

Links to The Company's Comprehensive Package Proposal, The Union's Summary of ABC's Comprehensive Package Proposal, The Package of Primary Union Proposals (as of March 25, 2022)
The parties agreed to extend the Master Agreement for an additional three months, with the expiration date moving to June 30, 2022.
Bargaining between NABET-CWA and ABC resumed in New York City on Monday, March 14, for the fifth round of talks.
Drone UVA Flyer is a preparatory course for the FAA Part 107 course. A drone pilot license is required to legally fly a drone for commercial purposes. This is an online course.
Topics of this week’s discussion were: wages, daily hire to staff conversions, PILOB, 401k contribution increases, daily hire travel-only days, newswriters and KGO engineers, child bonding leave, and the Juneteenth holiday.
For Women's History month, we are highlighting some of the wonderful female leaders of our union.
The Union responded to the Company’s proposals by countering a number of items and addressing all economic and non-economic proposals.
Bargaining for a successor contract to the ABC Master Agreement and the ABC-ESPN Sports Event Agreement began on October 22, 2021. The Network Negotiating Committee (NNC) has agreed to post both the Union’s and the Company’s original proposals.
Over the course of four months and multiple bargaining sessions, the Company’s negotiating team appears to hear our words, but responds largely with indifference to our message.